Friends :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Hai viewers :)
Friend is someone who helps me up when i am down.
And if they can't, they lay down beside me and listen.
Have you thanked your friends ?
For their smiles ?
Their hellos ?
Their hugs ?
Their taps at your back ?
Their sharing things ?
Their sweet kisses ?
Their way of calling your name ?
Their talking nonstop ?
Their pure love ?
Imagine your friends never doing that anymore, could you bear it ?
These are the one who make life beautiful, easy and cheerful.
So, i thanked THE FIVERS.
And i thanked ALLAH that He gave me friends like them :)
The one who holds your hand everytime when you are need support are good friend.
But, a true friend is one who holds your hand more tightly when you say "LEAVE ME ALONE".
In life, some know you.
Some remember you.
Some like you.
Some understand you.
Some care for you.
But a true friend does all that and always hopes the best for you.
love y'all :)

Lot of Love, FIE :)
p/s : Thank you buddies for being my friend all this while. sorry if there have any grammar mistakes. i am not perfect too. :)

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