Dear Future Husband :')

Dear future husband, 
I don't want to be your girlfriend.
I just want to be the one you call your wife.
Your presence will give me happiness.
You'll be my halal prince charming.
Riding your horse of TAQWA.
Holding onto the QURAN on your right hand and the SUNNAH in your left.
I hear you're worth the wait, so I'll wait, InsyaAllah.
My heart belongs to no one, I just thought I should let you know.
It belongs to ALLAH SWT and only HIM.
You'll have to get lost in HIM to find me and even then you'll still have the rightfully become apart of my heart.
Only through HIM.
What I'm trying to say is that WE have to get lost in HIM to find each other.
I hope you're up for the journey.
I know I am.

Dear future husband,
I will cook.
I will clean.
I will shop.
I will be the best housewife, ever.
I will dress up for you.
I will maintain my appearance for you.
I will make sure to be the best wife I can be.
I will have as many children as you want.
I will raise your children to be the best they can be.
I will be the best mother.
As long as you promise me one thing, HELP ME GET TO JANNAH :)

He wants me to be like this, but I don't know whether I can or not. -.-
Mata saya tak secantik dia.:)
p/s : I want to be the woman you've been praying for.

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