One day :')

Hey viewers:) lama gila tak update blog kann? hikhik XD okay, malam ni saya update banyak2 sampai korang tak larat nak baca kayy? hehe:) but, saya nak cakap pasal suatu hari.

Sitting here thinking, one day I'm not going to school tomorrow. One day, I'm not going to be able to see my friends every single day anymore. One day, we're going to grow old and forget about half the people we spent the first 17 years of our lives with. One day, some people are going to move far away. One day me and my best friends won't talk every day like we used to. One day, our young loves won't be around anymore. One day, I'm probably never going to speak to half of my closest friends I had at school. One day, life won't be this easy. One day, all of my favourite bands and musicians won't be making any music.One day, all the things that make me happy when I was young won't be exist anymore. One day, my parents won't be around anymore. One day, I will forget about the amazing times I had with my friends. One day, I'm going to be too old to do the things I used to love to do. One day, life will change. I say I want to grow up so much. One day, I'm going to regret wanting to grow up so quickly. One day, life won't be the same.

That's all. thank you :)

p/s : I miss someone who won't miss me back :')

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